what i m0xt like t0 do in wh0le day??

belle..that's wut u xhud call me..
the w0rd "b0ring" isn't in ma dicti0nary..
these is wut i alwys d0 in ma day to prevent that w0rd "b0ring" to be xp0ken thru ma fucking m0uth..

1. lixtening t0 muxic..
xince that is ma drug..
ma fucking genre.,metal..
and these wut i l0ve to lixten to..
- st0len babies
- as bl0od runs black
- begging for incest
- placenta
- elysia
- sigh
and/but many more..hehe..

2. xketching..
i ain't go0d in art..
yet u wud xay "hey,even ma 6th year old sister cn draw that..
but wh0 care c0s that's h0w i exprexx ma deprexxed..
by drawing xum pathetic human with0ut eyeballx..

3. writing p0emx..
i need n0body to talk t0..
s0 that's why i'd juxt mumbling maxelf,putting w0rdx and write em d0wn..
i'm n0t go0d in w0rding,to be h0next..
but i enj0y maxelf writing all ma heart out..

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Evanescence - Thoughtless (Live In Europe)

hi semua! (i mean, if, ada org na bace this fucking post..)
ok! right n0w i'm kinda free, like really2 free c0s every0ne has g0ne back h0me by n0w..
It's Friday.,l0ng recess peri0d things.,same 'ol same 'ol..

So, xbanyak benda na wut t0day, since patients pun xramai, like, ada 3org je..
I've d0ne the HRMIS but better I save s0me f0r my s0-boring-h0liday nanti..
Macam yg da cakap at Sufian, "I hate cuti, s0 so so much"
haa, cmtu lax kan.,sbnrnye taw, ramai yg suke cuti, sy lax yg gedik x ske, mentang2 la kje x susah..banyak enj0y daari bekerja.,haha..

Actually I am so in loove with my j0b.,I love every single things that happened on my w0rking day, banyak! but x usah la saya bebel sangat pasal hal tu ok..hee~

Right n0w tengah melayan Evanescence.,nyanyi kuat2 c0s n0 one here, plus sangat da lamer x layan Evanescence..s0 tiba2 m0od na jadi Amy Lee tu datang balik.,hikhik..

first na share this fucking video..
saya sangat suke lagu neyh c0s it's a c0ver fr0m a very kn0wable band called KORN..haa, kenalkan..Even org yg xlayan metal pun mesti kenal nye lah ngn band neyh..
saya neyh xde la minat sangat ngn Korn.,tp lagu dari Korn yg Evanescence bawak neyh sangat best.,even the original versi0n itself xleyh kalah.,hihi.,in my p0int of view lah..

so sape free and rasa na try dengar sila lah play vide0 di bawah neyh eh..

In additon to that c0ncert Evanescence at Europe neyh pun one of my fav0rite,.sape yg pernah memiliki album dye called "Anywhere But Home" ,fyi, th0se live tracks berasal dari c0ncert neyh.,hehe..and actually what I meant by Europe sbnrnye live fr0m Paris.,n0t around the europe :)

oklah.,smpai di sini sahaja.,I have m0re vide0 to view and see u guys later..

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Release on January 2013

ok, baru2 neyh update myself with the latest singles..

xnak ckp banyak here's the links :

purposely choose this video.,sh0wing the album c0ver art..
BMTH is one of my fav0rite..
listening to this new single agak same ngn album yg sblmnye "There Is A Hell,Believe Me I've Seen It,There Is A heaven,Let's Keep It A Secret".,mcm lagu It Never Ends je lebih kurang..
And to be h0nest BMTH's recent album (after Count Your Blessings dan Suicide Season) sangat x best, bagi aku la..suara Oli Sykes scream da macam bersepah..but I still ad0re the riffings and paddlings..
But still these just pandangan peribadi..maybe few pe0ple still suke this band because of pengaruh screamo yg masih kuat kot.,haha..yelah, setahu aku rmai pmpuan yg tergila2kan si Oli Sykes neyh.,hehe..
Whatever lah..
and here are s0me other new releases of 2013 :
lain :
1. Your Demise - Cold Chillin'
2. Killswitch Engage - Temper

I'm c0ming f0r y0u darling..

I'm c0ming f0r y0u darling..

I Hate..

i hate t0 think that i am fine.,
even its really hurt inside..

i hate t0 think that i'm okay.,
even i'd slitted my wrist anyway..

i hate t0 think that i w0nt care.,
even i still ask y0u the same..

i hate t0 think that i wanna run.,
but i w0uld c0me back in the end..

i hate t0 think that i wanna hide.,
but secretly i w0uld steal y0ur sight..

i hate t0 think that i wanna die.,
but i always ask back myself why..

i hate t0 think that i d0n't wnna l0se.,
this deep feeling t0ward y0u..

p/s=r0ses are red,and the sky s0 blue..
the only thing that i hate,is t0 losing y0u..

(a fucking p0em that i wr0te by maxelf)