what i m0xt like t0 do in wh0le day??

belle..that's wut u xhud call me..
the w0rd "b0ring" isn't in ma dicti0nary..
these is wut i alwys d0 in ma day to prevent that w0rd "b0ring" to be xp0ken thru ma fucking m0uth..

1. lixtening t0 muxic..
xince that is ma drug..
ma fucking genre.,metal..
and these wut i l0ve to lixten to..
- st0len babies
- as bl0od runs black
- begging for incest
- placenta
- elysia
- sigh
and/but many more..hehe..

2. xketching..
i ain't go0d in art..
yet u wud xay "hey,even ma 6th year old sister cn draw that..
but wh0 care c0s that's h0w i exprexx ma deprexxed..
by drawing xum pathetic human with0ut eyeballx..

3. writing p0emx..
i need n0body to talk t0..
s0 that's why i'd juxt mumbling maxelf,putting w0rdx and write em d0wn..
i'm n0t go0d in w0rding,to be h0next..
but i enj0y maxelf writing all ma heart out..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

giant p0ster ☠ Arch Enemy - Khaos Legion

I've g0t this fucking p0ster from Metal Hammer.,a metal magazine that i b0ught yesterday..

I didn't think it was an amazing p0ster at first c0s i d0n't listen t0 Arch Enemy that much..and i paste the fucking p0ster on my back do0r just because i felt like t0..but then,after f0r a while,i was like "hey.,it's awes0me"..and my fav0rite part was the bunch of skelet0n with red eyes..i alm0st f0rgot that i'm easily fall in love with SKELETONS..haha..

and s0.,i d0n't think i ad0re the p0ster much..but i'm IN LOVE with the skeletons.. (:

Monday, July 25, 2011

☠ my drug by 26th July 2011 ☠

Chelsea Grin - Ep 2008


1. Crewcabanger
2. Anathema Of The Sick
3. Cheyne-Strokes
4. Disgrace
5. Lifeless

Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire - Harmonies From Bleeding Mouth ( 2006 )


1. Loathing In The Key Of A
2. Hollywood Cowboy
3. Adna
4. Crossing The Gasoline Sea
5. The Equestrian
6. Hate Is...
7. ...The New Black

Deicide - Till Death Do Us Part ( 2008 )


1. The Beginning Of The End
2. Till Deat Do Us Part
3. Hate Of All Hatreds
4. In The Eyes Of God
5. Worthless Misery
6. Severed Ties
7. Not As Long As We Both Shall Live
8. Angels Of Agony
9. Horror In The Halls Of Stone
10. The End Of The Beginning ( instrumental, by Asheim )

these albums i d0wnload balik selepas lapt0p ku dif0rmat dan hamba Allah tu blhkn LUPA na wut backup..haizz.,anyway..these are my drugs for this week.. (:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

☠ my drug by 7th May 2011 ☠

muh neuh drug
a pr0gressive death metal/hardc0re band

here's the tracklist:

1. Exogenesis
2. Red Sky
3. Incarnadine
4. Wonders Of What's Above
5. Souls Of Hatred
6. Cognitive Dissonance

enj0y =)

Friday, April 15, 2011

study hard...Death Metal vs Black Metal

meet every0ne..the Black Metal Barbie..huuu..
\m/ hail to her..

t0day aku na update b0ut new kn0wledge yg aku bljr..this is kinda freak 0ut coz i supp0sed t0 be an EXPERT ab0ut this l0ng time ag0 until few pers0n start to c0nfusing me..l0l..

ok..first of all aku update kat MALAYSIAN METAL GROUP in fb..demanding any members yg leh explain the difference between DEATHCORE and DEATH METAL..plus DEATH METAL ngan BLACK METAL..as i th0ught few pe0ple start t0 give answers yg bagi aku lagi c0nfuse..haha..but anyway thanks t0 every0ne yang really care to help me..walaupun masalah neh xdelah besar sangat..tapi mampu expl0dekan otak aku gak la na differ these shit out..

and thanks to this f0lk named Man Tarantulah ( awes0me name dude.,c0s i l0ve tarantula..hehe ) and a lil chat ngan Chum Kriegzerst0rer.,bantuan mereka buatkan aku study hard,baca few articles,experiencing and etc..i think i can start to differ few bands..

of c0s sbnrnye bnyk beza nye..tapi xtaw la nape aku susah sngt na bezakan..dari segi riff,dan yg paling ketara jeritan..senang na ingat klu black metal,mereka just shriek but death metal agak vari0us..but they're scream and gr0wl more..that's it..

then yang membuatkan pe0ple say "black metal ngan death metal same" is a subgenre yang c0me out fr0m both black metal and death metal i.e BLACKENED DEATH METAL..that's wut put band as DIMMU BORGIR,DEICIDE defined themselves as Black Metal/Death Metal..

s0.,BLACK METAL's example are::
Mayhem ( the pi0neer )

and DEATH METAL lax::
Death ( the pi0neer )
Cattle Decapitation
Spawn of Possession
Arch Enemy
Amon Amarth

ok..n0te to self that death metal ade bnyk subgenres..s0 jgn pelik bile list di atas ada kelainan music..enj0y..

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Birthday Massacre

saya sangat obsess ngan the birthday massacre neh..tapi dulu la..especially kat fr0ne lady die,Chibi..bukan chibi maruk0 chan k.,she's the 0ther chibi..d0n't kn0w what's her real name,but that what's pe0ple asked to call her..she's cute.,awes0me..i l0ve anything that she wear,th0se simple g0th style..als0 her cute and creepy v0ice..i remember seeing her playing r0le in their Blue music vide0.,that was the first time i was fallen int0 her..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

black metal tribution

hail t0 my metal s0ul

Friday, April 8, 2011

☠ 8th April 2011 ☠ Gastrorrexis

yeaaaayy.,new album in my fucking hand..
haa.,actually i d0wnloaded it..
this recent internet trsangatlah baek hati..
mklumlah bkn slalu leh manje2 ngan wifi McD neh kn..
itupun 2 hari gak aku pause.,smbung dwnl0ad.,pause.,smbg g dwnl0ad..
menyirap gak ar..
naseb bkn a w0rthless sacrifice..huhu..

this band called GASTRORREXIS
actually aku bkn na dwnl0ad band neh..
ntah can0 aku leh dpt band neh.,slah type k0wt..
trlebih excited neh intrnet laju..
x sabar na men d0wnload..
last2.,da abesh dwnl0ad bru perassan..

tp naseb leh thn dak band neh..
i mean.,da jd fucking fave aku lak tuh..
everyday aku brsumbat ngn mp3 dngr band neh..
alm0st everynight gak bang my fucking head off to these..
maklum la.,lagu bru..
tu yang addict skejap..
kang da dwnl0ad album/band baru haram la aku na dngr lg..

ok..st0p babbling..
this album called
a nice sh0t for
death metal plus grindc0re..
or as my Darling menti0ned.,Slam Metal..
with th0se cute lil pig squel and nice gr0wl..
hurmm.,really LOVE this album..

with 12 traclists..
enuff to lust me up..

1. Brutality Raped
2. Thorax Deformed
3. Endocranial Extirpation
4. Carnival Dismemberment
5. Eaten By Worms
6. Rotten Humanity
7. Vaginal Inhaled
8. Broken Face
9. Anus Vermin
1o. Strangulation
11. Torture Gore
12. Severing Stomach

leh dikatakan sume track aku ske..
mmg la bile org dngr "pe la memekak na lgu k0 neh"
yaa.,sy ngaku..
tp org x faham selera kte kan..
s0 snyap je la..
sambil lyan jeritan dan riff memukau neh..haha..

huh.,pnat da type2..
g0t more s0ngs to expl0re..

Monday, March 14, 2011

☠ 14th March 2011 ☠ Placenta

my neuh fucking drug..
hellyeah.,i'd fallen int0 their scream and shred..
this deathc0re/death metal band c0me fr0m germany..
"didya hear that April? haha "
but this band sure lust me up this recent days..
s0.,let's j0in me headbanging t0night..

btw.,here's the tracklist..

Placenta - Brutalis EP 2011

1. Boredom At It's Best
2. Brute Willis
3. Trendcutter (my fav0rite track)
4. Yes, You're Ugly
5. Optimus Prime

~ schiz0phrenia belle ~

Sunday, February 6, 2011

i w0nder..

its been a l0ng fucking time i didn't write..even have n0 enthusiasm t0 sketch or etc..
i left my metal s0ng f0r s0medays n0w..
if c0mpare t0 wh0 i was,this seems fucking weird..
it ain't bc0s i'm changing or wut but i think myb i fell my passi0n to my b hell to0 much...
that's y i think i didn't mind any 0ther else,other than b..
0f c0s it'll nvr be a shame if i'm being the way i am,even ar0und him.,he'll nvr mind or b0ther..
but i think this is what i reacted by whatever he wants me t0 be..
but hey.,i didn't mind at all if it c0mes fr0m his fucking m0uth.,n0t others that w0uld like t0 be my s0-called go0d friends..idk..
my b u'r jeal0us or s0mething..
but of c0s i'll have a go0d and nice react t0 what u said.,but h0nestly i w0n't bother..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

na em0 jap..

few weeks ag0 my B received surat utk lap0r diri this May 1st..

hell of c0s m fuckg exciting f0r him c0s heg0t wut he dexerve..

at least this is the beginning f0r my B to step 0n a better career ( well, even guard jugak but at least lpas neh da g0vrnmnt..kukuh cket j0b ye )

tp the same m0ment i'd realized yg after this xley jmpe my B ari2 lg da..

of c0s klu spe dngr i ckp cmneh msti kate "yerr ngade2..bkn xdpt jmpe lngsung pun"

but my heart je yg leh rse the true feelinx..

da biase nmpk ari2..nnt bile da ja0h msti trase giler..

rse sdih tu mmg xleh lari la..lg2 time 1st t0 2nd m0nth tu..

xtaw cmne na sesuaikn dri.,msti tringt2 time die rhat dtg..time ye rnda singgah kt kdai..

isk isk..

but i'll try my best to get rid of it asap..

cbe ingt blk cmne time lpas ptus ngn behesthy dlu..

nangis 2 3 ari je kn? huhu..

at least i cant be a cry baby c0s my B n0 longer by ma syde to c0mfort me..

via mxg je lah..isk isk..

s0 Belle..this is it..

i kn0w i'm str0ng..

i ain't a l0lita wh0 cry 0ver her t0rn dress..

sy berjiwa metal..bhahahaha..

but b..0nce u'r n0t ar0und my sight anym0re..

please be alwys rmmbr 0f me..

i'll be waiting f0r u 2 c0me back..

( cehh ayat cm b na g medan perang je..huhu..)

da la na tit0w..nunyte..

I'm c0ming f0r y0u darling..

I'm c0ming f0r y0u darling..

I Hate..

i hate t0 think that i am fine.,
even its really hurt inside..

i hate t0 think that i'm okay.,
even i'd slitted my wrist anyway..

i hate t0 think that i w0nt care.,
even i still ask y0u the same..

i hate t0 think that i wanna run.,
but i w0uld c0me back in the end..

i hate t0 think that i wanna hide.,
but secretly i w0uld steal y0ur sight..

i hate t0 think that i wanna die.,
but i always ask back myself why..

i hate t0 think that i d0n't wnna l0se.,
this deep feeling t0ward y0u..

p/s=r0ses are red,and the sky s0 blue..
the only thing that i hate,is t0 losing y0u..

(a fucking p0em that i wr0te by maxelf)